Overcome Loneliness by Opening Your Heart

January 22, 2020
Overcome Loneliness by Opening Your Heart


Do you ever feel lonely even when you’re surrounded by people? It's not an uncommon feeling. Modern technology gives us the power to connect with virtually anyone on earth, yet almost 50% of adults experience a sense of being left out. According to Douglas Nemecek, M.D., chief medical officer for Behavioral Health at Cigna, loneliness is defined as, “a feeling of being alone or lacking social connectedness". Research suggests that loneliness may even be related to serious health issues like heart disease and depression. So what can we do about loneliness?

You probably know that your social life is important to your health and happiness. If loneliness persists even when you're not actually 'alone', it might be a sign that you might need to focus more on yourself. Specifically, on your heart.

This doesn't just mean focusing on your physical heart (although putting a hand on your chest and feeling your heartbeat while you breathe can be a great stress-reliever). When we say 'focus on your heart,' we're talking about your heart 'chakra'.

What is a Chakra?

According to many Eastern traditions, chakras are energy centers located in the body that relate to a person's mental and physical condition. Typically, there are 7 chakras, although different traditions sometimes describe more than 7. Each chakra has different physical, emotional, and spiritual characteristics.

The chakras are not physical structures in the body, but they are essential to our existence. With practice, you can affect the energy in each chakra.

Through various exercises and meditations, you can develop a greater sense of energy and feel your chakras. In the case of loneliness, this can be very beneficial.

How come?

A deficiency in the energy of the fourth chakra, or heart chakra, can leave you feeling lonely, isolated and depressed. In this condition, many people seek to fill that emptiness by getting love from others. This may be satisfying in the short-run, but inevitably feelings of loneliness and isolation return. In order to fundamentally change your condition, you may need to develop stronger heart chakra energy. You need to cultivate a loving connection with yourself!

The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the fourth of seven chakras and it is located in the center of the chest. The heart chakra really is the center of the mind and body energy system. It is the source of love for oneself and others, compassion and empathy, forgiveness and acceptance, and transformation and change. When your heart chakra is open and strong, you can give and receive love in a balanced way. You exhibit positive character traits and emotions, and you can feel happiness.

When your heart chakra energy is out of balance you may experience emotional instability and depression. On a physical level, you may have heart problems.

How to Open and Strengthen the Heart Chakra

Based upon the principle 'where the mind goes, energy flows,' we can say that the strength of your heart chakra depends largely on how much you focus on your heart.

The heart chakra can be blocked by stress and emotion, and almost everyone will experience this at some point during their lives. In a sense, it's normal. Learning to deal with stress and emotion is a part of growing up. For this reason, the development of the heart chakra can be described as emotional maturity.

The key to a strong and healthy fourth chakra is to bring positive awareness to your heart. When your heart regularly feels that positive awareness, it will tend to generate more positive and empowering emotions.

Try this breathing technique to open your heart chakra:

1. The fourth chakra is located toward the back of the middle of your chest. Concentrate on the slight indentation on your chest, or sternum.
2. Using your fingers, press on or tap your sternum. Now release the pressure of your fingers. Breathe in slowly and let your chest expand. Breathe out and let your chest contract. Breathe in… and breathe out. Imagine the breath streaming in and out of your fourth chakra.
3. Expand the sensation you are feeling in your chest. What do you notice about your heart? Do you feel heavy and stuffy, or light and open? When the fourth chakra is weak, a major energy channel running through the chest may easily become blocked.
4. Visualize a field of yellow flowers swaying as one in the breeze. Picture golden energy radiating throughout your chest, filling your heart and lungs with a golden aura.
5. Say to yourself, “I am becoming stronger and stronger. I am filled with bright energy that is melting away sadness, loneliness, and anger. A powerful golden light radiates out from me to the whole world.”

You can also utilize this simple chest breathing video to open and strengthen your heart chakra....

The main thing that keeps your heart chakra strong and open is attention! Use this breathing technique to reconnect with yourself. It can be the simplest and most effective way to deal with the loneliness that all of us naturally face!