Body & Brain Workshops - How can they help you?

June 8, 2019
Body Brain Workshops How can they help you


Workshops: How can they help you?

If you haven't taken one of our workshops, this might be your chance to dive in.

What should you expect from a Body & Brain workshop?

In our modern lives, it's not easy to find the time, energy, and money to attend programs that last anywhere from a few hours to more than a week.

But workshops like the ones offered at Body & Brain provide opportunities to make significant improvements to your life.

Here's why:

We say the change starts with a choice.

Whether it's something like losing weight, being more confident, improving a relationship, or facing emotions, making a choice to change is essential.

There are three levels of choice that we experience on the road to change:

#1: You're thinking about making a change. Maybe you have an idea of how you could improve your life. At this level, it's hard to really take action. If making the change was effortless, you would do it, but your determination isn't enough to really take action for it.

#2: You have an active emotional desire to change. You get fired up planning out your change. You take the first step- maybe joining the gym or yoga center, hiding the junk food and buying healthy groceries, talking with someone about your issues. But it's hard to keep going because emotions will fluctuate. Before long, it's guaranteed you will feel different, and your motivation will wane.

#3: At this level, your determination and choice come from beyond emotion and logic. Yes, you have your logical reasons, and you have the desire to change, but your choice is connected to something deeper. Maybe it's life experience- you've been through the ups and downs of starting and stopping, and you're sick of giving up. Or maybe life has pushed you into a corner, and you have no choice but to change. Or maybe you've simply made the decision with every cell of your body. Whatever the reason, if you've reached this level, you have a great shot at achieving your goal. But there are a few important things that will help you along the way...

When you decide to take a workshop, you are automatically giving yourself a chance to deepen your choice in a positive, healthy way.

Workshops will challenge you to make a choice from a deeper place.

The choice to take a workshop, and the challenges you face- perhaps in terms of time, energy, shyness, lack of conviction, or money- are in many ways the same limitations that can prevent you from achieving your goals in other areas of life. So the choice to take a workshop exercises your power of choice- your will power. And that's an important part of changing.

But workshops are beneficial not only because of the challenges they offer.

They are also uniquely supportive and focused environments.

At a workshop, you can step out of the daily routine of thoughts, emotions, and actions, and safely step into a completely different way of acting and being.

Everyone who comes to a workshop is there for some reason- they want to grow or change something, just like you.

Finally, workshops can give you the chance to deeply understand and experience principles of wellness, personal growth, and success.

The lessons you learn during a workshop will automatically have sunk in more deeply than they could have during a one-hour class, or by reading a book (although those are great things to do as well!)

If you've read this far, you're probably ready to experience a Body & Brain workshop for yourself.

Contact your local Body & Brain center and speak with one of the instructors there about upcoming workshops and how they might help you.

For a current list of some of our programs, contact your local Body & Brain center.

Here are a few of the programs offered at Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi:

Initial Awakening, Finding True self, Regional IBEL Workshops, Regional Workshop with Special Visiting Trainers, Brain Management Training, Energy Healing Course, DahnMuDo, Dahn Master Course, and Solar Body System Training.

Please speak with an instructor to learn more about all these programs and enjoy your journey!