Energy Healing Qigong

September 15, 2020
Energy Healing Qigong


Upgrade Your Self-Care with this Ancient Practice

We’re launching a wonderful new online webinar series that you’re sure to love: the Energy Healing Qigong program!

What is Qigong?

Qigong, “the study of energy,” is a self-healing mind-body therapy that originated in East Asia more than four thousand years ago. The purpose of Qigong is to help you improve your internal energy circulation through breathing exercises, slow body movements, and mental focus. Qigong has been researched and recommended as a modern complementary health practice for living with chronic pain, helping to relieve feelings of depression and anxiety, improving sleep quality, and many other conditions.

What is the Energy Healing Qigong program?

The Body & Brain Energy Healing Qigong program is offered as a series of three courses, with five hours of study for each course. Your registration includes access to video recordings for 14 days after the live sessions.

You’ll get the greatest benefit if you take all three courses together. Qigong exercises are based on the tradition that our energy moves through six major channels, called meridians, connected from the head to the feet. The healthy ideal in Qigong is for our whole body to move in a fluid way, with energy flowing easily through all six meridians. After these three courses, you will circulate energy more effectively through your whole body.

Here’s a preview of the three sessions. You can click on the course to see more details:

Energy Healing Qigong Live Online for Hip Joints and Knees

COURSE 1 | Energy Healing Qigong for Hip Joints & Knees

Sunday Nov 1, 2020
12pm-2pm, 4pm-9pm ET
(9am-11am, 1pm-4pm, PST)
[5 hours total]

Create a strong foundation for overall health:

If you strengthen and activate energy circulation in the lower body, especially the hip joints and knees, you can circulate energy more effectively through the upper body.

Energy Healing Qigong Live Online for Hip Joints and Knees

COURSE 2 | Energy Healing Qigong for Shoulders & Neck

Sunday Nov 22, 2020
12pm-2pm, 4pm-9pm ET
(9am-11am, 1pm-4pm, PST)
[5 hours total]

Open energy meridians from the top down:

Our energy meridians extend from head to toe. If you open and circulate energy throughout the upper body, especially the shoulders and neck, you can improve energy circulation throughout your whole body.

Energy Healing Qigong Live Online for Hip Joints and Knees

COURSE 3 | Energy Healing Qigong for the Spine

Sunday Dec 13, 2020
12pm-2pm, 4pm-9pm ET
(9am-11am, 1pm-4pm, PST)
[5 hours total]

Fully develop energy circulation for body & mind:

After circulating energy deeply through your whole body, including the spine and internal organs, you can develop your energy system and chakras, activating your sixth sense.


$375 per course
$1,025 for all 3 (Save $100)


Please see your center manager to register. Your registration includes access to Class Video Recordings for 14 days after the Live Sessions.

Through the Energy Healing Qigong program, you can:

· Improve your posture and feel stronger
· Open and fully develop your energy circulation and chakra systems
· Create the foundation for a healthier life

We hope you’ll talk with your Body & Brain center manager about joining this comprehensive self-care program. You’ll learn skills that will benefit your wellness for the rest of your life!

Meet the Trainer: Chungsuk

The Energy Healing Qigong program will be led by Master Chungsuk, our senior national trainer and expert in the traditional self-healing arts of Qigong, Meridian Healing and Position Therapy. He is a highly-skilled instructor, well-known for his delightful way of delivering essential principles and practice with kindness and humor.

Master ChungSuk has been an educator with Body & Brain for more than 30 years. His dedication and passion for helping people heal themselves is deeply felt by everyone who meets him. He is a master instructor of Qigong and meditation and has led programs such as Postural Correction, DahnMuDo, Dahn Gong (Korean energy martial arts) along with many other Body & Brain courses such as Brain Management Training, Solar Body System Training, and Dahn Master Course. By teaching energy principles, posture, movement, and breathing, Master Chungsuk has helped improve the lives of countless people from all walks of life.