Five Tips For Self-Love

February 4, 2020
Five Tips For SelfLove


Are you the kind of person who wants to make a difference in the world? Do you want more energy and confidence to make your voice heard? Here’s something to consider: the more we value and love ourselves, the more we can give to the world. The key is self-love. Self-love may look different for each person, but it always requires a commitment to ourselves. It’s a promise we make with ourselves.

The key is self love.

Many people might hesitate to express self-love because it seems selfish, but self-love is not narcissistic. In fact, selfishness and narcissism often develop in response to a lack of self-love, not too much of it. Self-love means being in touch with your true authentic self. When you increase your love for yourself, you will find other areas of your life are enhanced as well.

In case you’re wondering how to cultivate more self-love, here’s a list of some practices to help you get started:

1. Get in touch with your true self

It can feel like the roles we play in life define who we are; “a wife”, “a manager,” or “a teacher,” etc. But we know that none of these things is our true and complete identity. It’s important to get in touch with something deeper than your social ‘role’... Meditation can help you reconnect with your true self and experience more harmony, love and peace.

2. Take a spiritual inventory

Try doing a simple spiritual inventory each day. What does your inner voice sound like today? Is it critical or encouraging? How are you expressing love to yourself and others today? Asking yourself these questions can help you get a better sense of where your mind is at.

3. Cook a nourishing meal

What you put into your body can affect you physically and emotionally. Cooking wholesome, nutrient-rich meals for yourself can be an act of self-love for your body, mind, and soul. Mindful cooking has been shown to reduce stress and encourage an overall healthier lifestyle.

4. Movement

Exercise can be a wonderful way to practice self-love, and there are so many ways you can do it! You can attend a yoga class, go cycling, lift weights or simply go for a walk. Whatever you do, you’ll get a boost of endorphins, better circulation, and deeper breathing. Exercising regularly can also help you build confidence and enjoy a sense of accomplishment.

5. Practice self-forgiveness (letting go)

When you practice forgiving yourself, you are better able to forgive others. Write down the things you hold against yourself and reflect on them from a less emotional perspective. Practice talking to yourself with kindness, compassion and empathy, like you would to a good friend. It might seem artificial at first, but expressing words of forgiveness can have a profound effect on your heart. Just do it, and feel the difference.

When you work on self-love, you may find that you make better choices each day. You’re more able to be patient and kind to yourself. In fact, your self-love can be medicine for the world. When you thrive, those around you will recognize it and be encouraged to thrive as well.