Body & Brain Tai Chi: Training for Self-Healing

November 8, 2020
Body Brain Tai Chi Training for SelfHealing


Body & Brain's Tai Chi training system is called Dahn Mu Do (DMD), which means 'the way to limitless vital energy'. It is an internal training which seeks to promote energy accumulation and circulation. And on a basic level, it is brain training, as it helps sensitize our brain to the body. This enhances balance, among other benefits.

In DMD, we first train to relax the mind, the muscles and open up the joints. Then comes training to strengthen the core and lower body. Especially as we train the lower body, we create an environment where the mind becomes empty and calm and the lower body full and warm. In this state, the movement of the yin and yang energies of the body become balanced. We call this state 'water up and fire down'. It is a very healthy energy condition and essential to maintaining both health of the mind and body. It is also the condition necessary for meditation.

In this state, we become free from stress and we experience a state of well-being. The rest and digest function of the Autonomic Nervous System is activated. And because the mind is calm, we are able to perceive things much more clearly, as they are.

The actual movements of DMD are easy to perform and can be trained by both youths and seniors. Even though the training looks very simple, participants often experience that this training requires a great deal of concentration, so the mind simultaneously receives a work out and a chance to take a rest from our everyday stress.

One distinguishing characteristic of DMD from yoga is that breathing is practiced standing. In a yoga class, breathing is typically practiced lying down. Either method has benefits for practitioners of mindfulness and meditation. At Body & Brain, we encourage you to experience the healing benefits of both tai chi and yoga. Frequently, yoga and tai chi movements are incorporated into our regular class, giving our members the benefit offered by both disciplines.

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