Stimulate Your Organs and Brain with Brain Education Healing Point

December 12, 2018
Stimulate Your Organs and Brain with Brain Education Healing Point


Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to heal your pains, stress, and emotions with only a push of a button? Well, that’s not quite possible but the closest thing to it is a new, self healing technique called Brain Healing Point.

Brain Education Healing Point, or BHP, only requires your fingers and brain to easily figure out which of your organs are the weakest and relieve your pains, stress, and ailments. It was created by Ilchi Lee and uses the wisdom of meridians, reflexology, and acupressure to access and stimulate the organs and brain for improved health. And it’s so simple!

Stress, emotions, and toxins in the body naturally build up over time and cause our brains and organs to become stiff. When toxic energy accumulates, we get physically and emotionally sick so it's important to know how to release that tension.

If our brains are tense, we can’t think straight and it can lead to brain fog and elevated stress. Similarly, when our organs are stiff, they don’t function properly either which means we can’t get rid of toxins effectively due to poor energy and blood circulation. Since we can’t physically touch our organs and brain to massage out the kinks and release stress and toxins, we can access those parts of the body through Brain Education Healing Point.

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