21-Day Program For Creating Balance In Your Life

November 9, 2020
21Day Program For Creating Balance In Your Life


In today’s stressful world many people are looking for ways to bring harmony back to their life. If we think of stress in terms of mind/body energy balance, inner peace feels more attainable. It comes even closer if we think of this balance in terms of temperature. Nature often balances itself by creating harmony between warm and cold. For our mind and body, do you think it is better to have a hot head and cold abdomen, or a cool head and warm abdomen? Which condition will generate a more comfortable energetic balance for us?

We feel better and more relaxed when the head is cool and the abdomen is warm. Our mind can be clearer and our digestion can be more comfortable. In this state, we literally feel ‘in balance’.

Body & Brain Wayne is now offering a 21-Day Self-Healing training designed to bring your mind and body back to balance and harmony. You will work directly with the center’s head instructor using a set of guided exercises and meditations based on Body & Brain’s core yoga and tai chi training. Creating a new habit requires a minimum of 21 days of practice. This program is specifically designed to give you all the tools to take back your health with daily self-care habits you can easily learn for balance and longevity as you age. Call 973-832-7020 or visit