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20 Years of Health, Happiness, and Peace

For 20 years, CGI Body & Brain Center has been a beacon of health, happiness, and mindfulness in the local community. Through simple yet effective holistic mind-body training methods we have helped countless people improve their physical, emotional, and mental conditions. From pain management and stress relief to overcoming deep-rooted difficulties, our practice is meant to be a truly healing experience for each person who walks through our door.

Our mission is to empower individuals by activating the brain's natural ability to create health and happiness. We believe in the significance of self-change and its direct contribution to the health of those around us. We have honored that mission for over 20 years. Our dream is to make it 120!

We'll be waiting for you on the second floor of CGI Holistic Fitness & Spa, next to the Closter Golf Range, behind WholeFoods, on Homans Ave.

Jay Kim
Tao Master Healer and Integrative Lifestyle Specialist Jay Kim has been guiding people of all ages, shapes and sizes to their physical improvement, self-empowerment and peace of mind for over 18 years. He has been leading the Finding Your True Self workshop for over 10 years, helping people overcome entrenched life habits and rediscovering their greatest, most confident selves. His specialties include spiritual guidance for overcoming deep-set life difficulties, acupressure sessions, brain training, energy and sound healing.
He is the current Center Manager of CGI Wellness Center.
Marni Wasserman
Integrative Life Coach and Holistic Healer Marni Wasserman has been practicing and teaching Body & Brain since March 2015. She is a certified Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi Instructor, Brain Education instructor, and Healer. She specializes in brain management training, Hwalgong (energy acupressure) healing, and Brain Education for children. She is the current assistant manager of CGI Wellness Center.
Christina Martinez
Christina has been with Body & Brain for the past 13 years. She has experience in various styles of healing. She is a certified Body & Brain Yoga Instructor, CMT, Integrative Health & Life Coach and Healer.
She joined the CGI family in Feb 2017 and is currently an Admin and Instructor of the Sun Institute (Vocational School approved by the State of NJ) located in CGI, for Massage Therapy, Yoga Therapy, and Acupressure Energy Healing(HwalGong).
Kristen Sommer
Kristen has been with Body & Brain for 13 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi Instructor, and Head Trainer of the Sun Institute (vocational holistic therapy school approved by the state of NJ). Her classes and private sessions deliver the means of self-transformation, self-confidence and self-care to people of all ages, shapes and sizes.
Nicole Wasserman
Nicole has over 4 years of experience as a Body & Brain Instructor, Integrative Lifestyle Specialist, Brain Education Trainer, and licensed Massage Therapist. Starting as a practitioner of the CGI Body & Brain Center in 2010, and acting as Manager of the Westchester Body & Brain Center from 2016-2017, Nicole came to understand the various lifestyles of people in the tri-state area.

By healing her own struggles with anxiety and depression through mindfulness practice, Nicole helps people transform their own lives to be more healthy, active and positive. Nicole has dedicated her life to helping others achieve their greatest goals and find their higher purpose in life. She is currently the PR Manager and Wellness Consultant for CGI Holistic Fitness Club
Linda A. Ungar
Since 2001 Linda has been a part of the Body & Brain family. She is certified as a Brain Education instructor, Body & Brain yoga instructor and Wellness Coaching. In 2010 Linda began instructing yoga session at CGI Holistic for the sunrise members. She is passionate about sharing the principles to help others experience balanced and fulfilled life. She does this by teaching community outreach programs and volunteering to guide those at risk.
Body & Brain Classes


Our Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi classes are designed to recover our natural ability to create health, happiness and peace in our lives. They combine Eastern energy principles and practices with Western neuroscience techniques to maximize the brain's latent potential. Our daily and weekly "themed" classes target specific benefits such as right-left brain flexibility, coordination and balance, core strength, gastro-intestinal health, and stress relief. However, each class provides a combination of these benefits in a lesser amount as well. 

Classes are 60-70 minutes with a 10 minute warm-up period beforehand. *Room temp.


Tai Chi and Ki Gong -- Moving Meditation

Mind & Body Balance -- Deep Stretching/Breathing

Energy Core -- Core Strengthening

Intestinal Detox -- Gut Health

Vibration -- Stress Relief *active

'Power Brain' Yoga for Kids ( PBK )

One key to the success of Power Brain training is that it utilizes a harmonious, collaborative learning environment co-created by healthy, happy and engaged students along with the Power Brain instructors. It helps develop children physically with yoga and tai chi training within an environment which places highest value on character development and social-emotional wellness.

The students will benefit by increasing their physical power and mental power, as well as, emotional regulation. Each class is designed to strengthen the body, balance brain function and awaken latent brain potential. The classes are fun, engaging and help foster a sense of cooperation between the students.

Body & Brain Yoga (All levels) ( BBY )

Body & Brain Yoga's regular classes are great for all levels and ages! Each class has effective and dynamic components of stretching, breathing, and meditation to destress, strengthen, and relax the mind and body. You will definitely feel refreshed and energized even after just one fun session guided by our experienced instructors!


Core Strengthening ( COR )

Core Strengthening class emphasizes our inner abdominal muscles related to supporting the flexibility and strength of our organs, hips, the breathing diaphragm, and back. In this class, we combine Belly Button Healing, Intestinal (Abdominal) Exercises with Meridian Stretches and Core Energy Breathing postures to increase circulation to help strengthen our immune system and improve our gut health. This class includes deep stretching, core breathing, relaxation and meditation for chakra health and balance.

Energy Movement ( VIB )

With rhythmic energy movement, this class creates vibrations in the body to rebalance the energy of the brain. This class will include Dahn Mu (moving energy meditation), tapping, vibration, dancing, breathing, and meditation. Through rhythm and sound, you will release stress and body tension and bring your brain into a calm and meditative state. Relax your body and mind and recover your center to ground your energy. 

Tai Chi and Ki gong ( TNK )

Tai Chi & Ki Gong combines slow, deliberate movements, meditation, and breathing exercises to help your circulation, balance, and alignment while restoring energy. This is a very low-impact exercise with amazing benefits.

Yoga for Seniors ( YFS )

Body & Brain Yoga provides gentle yoga classes to fit the needs of senior citizens who need exrtra care and special instructions to improve their overall well-being. 

Schedule of Classes
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Special Offers and Coupons
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Sedona Meditation Retreat (SMR)
Posted Wed, May 15, 2019

Come to Sedona and find the keys to your longevity and enlightenment! You can start fresh at any moment - and what you CHOOSE will HAPPEN. Give yourself time and space to reflect upon the path you've created so far, and the path you desire going forward. The power lies within to become the master of your own health, happiness, and peace - TAKE BACK YOUR BRAIN, IN SEDONA!

July 18th - 21st or Oct 24th - 27th
Location: Sedona Meditation Retreat Center
Cost: $1,500

Find Your True Self Thumnail
Finding Your True Self Workshop 2019
Posted Thu, Apr 04, 2019

Sunday, May 19th from 7:45am-8pm

Our most popular self-empowerment workshop for over 17 years! Regain self-confidence, power and focus in your life to activate your true potential. Reopen the door to your greatest dreams and your healthiest relationships through deep and easy-to-take-home mind-body training techniques. If not now, when?


Qi Gong Thumbnail
Healer School (Level 3)
Posted Sat, Apr 06, 2019

80hrs Intermediary-Advanced Self Healing, Acupressure and Energy Healing Course:
-Hands on acupressure and energy healing
-Prescriptive exercises and postures for symptons and illnesses
-How to circulate and accumulate energy
-Certification (if ALL levels completed)

May18th 1:30-6pm and May 19th 9am-6pm @ Westchester Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi. 590 Central Park Ave #8, Scarsdale, NY 10583

Reinforcement sessions scheduled at local center after main workshop.
*Level 3/3 of the Certification Course

CALL 201-784-1300 or email cgi@bodynbrain.com for inquiries!

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