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Welcome to Durango Body & Brain!

Body & Brain is a national leader in holistic health and wellness. Our classes in yoga, tai chi, meditation, detox, and rhythmic movement combine East Asian healing and energy philosophies. Our practice isn't just for your physical health. We focus our exercises, workshops, and programs to also open your mind and heart for rich experiences of inner healing. You will enjoy deep feelings of power, serenity, joy, and emotional stability that ripple effects into all areas of your life. 

Our method is a brain-based approach to comprehensive wellness, using a 5-step approach to activate the brain through deep mind-body experiences. Overall health starts with a healthy brain, since our brain regulates all bodily functions, emotions, and thoughts.  Your brain is the key to health, happiness, and peace! 

We're looking forward to seeing you soon!

Haerang, Sherry, Annabelle, and Lea

Feel better! Get more energy!

Body & Brain is a unique and dynamic practice with simple exercises suitable for all ages & body types that help improve flexibility & strength.  We provide life tools for creating a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Our typical 70 minutes class includes:

Meridian Stretching to increase flexibility, strength, circulation and alignment.

Breathing Exercises to recharge your body and clear your mind.

Dynamic Meditation through Brain Wave Vibration and Energy focus to relax and release your busy thoughts.

We also provide Special Classes such as

Tai Chi/Ki gong

Special Workshops

Private Instruction

Experience a class today & feel the benefits of our training. 

Call us at 702-365-9642.

Body & Brain Yoga (All levels) ( BBY )

Body & Brain Yoga's regular classes are great for all levels and ages! Each class has effective and dynamic components of stretching, breathing, and meditation to destress, strengthen, and relax the mind and body. You will definitely feel refreshed and energized even after just one fun session guided by our experienced instructors!


Energy Movement ( VIB )

With rhythmic energy movement, this class creates vibrations in the body to rebalance the energy of the brain. This class will include Dahn Mu (moving energy meditation), tapping, vibration, dancing, breathing, and meditation. Through rhythm and sound, you will release stress and body tension and bring your brain into a calm and meditative state. Relax your body and mind and recover your center to ground your energy. 

Self Healing with Wooden Pillow ( SWP )

Learning how to heal yourself with the versatility of the wooden pillow! You can use it to relieve tension and align your body from head to toe with this uniquely designed self-healing tool. 

Tai Chi and Ki gong ( TNK )

Tai Chi & Ki Gong combines slow, deliberate movements, meditation, and breathing exercises to help your circulation, balance, and alignment while restoring energy. This is a very low-impact exercise with amazing benefits.

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Meridian Self-Healing KiGong & Emotional Freedom Technique
Posted Tue, Mar 12, 2019

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Basic Posture Alignment with Master Healer Chung Suk
Posted Tue, Mar 12, 2019

Finding Your True Self Workshop (Self-Discovery)
Posted Tue, Mar 12, 2019

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