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Body & Brain Kirkland Yoga and Tai Chi

Through simple yet effective holistic mind-body training methods we have helped countless people improve their physical, emotional, and mental conditions. From pain management and stress relief to overcoming deep-rooted difficulties, our practice is meant to be a truly healing experience for each person who walks through our door.

Our mission is to empower individuals by activating the brain's natural ability to create health and happiness. We believe in the significance of self-change and its direct contribution to the health of those around us. The Kirkland center, located in Houghton Village just south of downtown Kirkland, has been here over 15 years. Many members have been enjoying both yoga and tai chi classes here since then. We welcome you to come try one of our classes!  

Don't wait to unleash the true potential of YOUR body and brain.

Michelle Chin Chin Gavin
Michelle is the Manager of the Kirkland Body & Brain Center. She has been studying and teaching for 13 years and she has also worked in other regions of the country, including Atlanta and New York. Her love for people, her dedication to her practice and her psychology/sociology degree are a winning combination for empowering others to rise to their greatest potential.
Brianna Sieberg
Brianna (JoHee) has been practicing Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi for 7 years and teaching for 4 years. She has a gentle power focused on helping members go deeper to heal, reconnect and find relaxation and balance inside.
Erin Gruber
Erin is an instructor for Body & Brain teaching in both the Ravenna Park and Kirkland centers in Seattle. Her teaching techniques bring with them a creative energy and playfulness that leaves her students revitalized and invigorated.
Gloria Supplee
Gloria is a part-time instructor at Body & Brain who has a soft and gentle style. Students really appreciate her slow and deep stretches and soothing voice.
Body & Brain Classes

Our Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi classes are designed to recover our natural ability to create health, happiness and peace in our lives. They combine Eastern energy principles and practices with Western neuroscience techniques to maximize the brain's latent potential. Our daily and weekly "themed" classes target specific benefits such as right-left brain flexibility, coordination and balance, core strength, gastro-intestinal health, and stress relief. However, each class provides a combination of these benefits in a lesser amount as well. 

Classes are 60-70 minutes with a 10 minute warm-up period beforehand. *Room temp.

Body & Brain Yoga (All levels) ( BBY )

Body & Brain Yoga's regular classes are great for all levels and ages! Each class has effective and dynamic components of stretching, breathing, and meditation to destress, strengthen, and relax the mind and body. You will definitely feel refreshed and energized even after just one fun session guided by our seasoned instructors!


Core Strengthening ( COR )

Core Strengthening class emphasizes our inner abdominal muscles related to supporting the flexibility and strength of our organs, hips, the breathing diaphragm, and back. In this class, we combine Belly Button Healing, Intestinal (Abdominal) Exercises with Meridian Stretches and Core Energy Breathing postures to increase circulation to help strengthen our immune system and improve our gut health. This class includes deep stretching, core breathing, relaxation and meditation for chakra health and balance.

Energy Movement ( VIB )

With rhythmic energy movement this class creates vibrations in the body to rebalance the energy of the brain. This class will include, Dahn Mu (moving energy meditation), tapping, vibration, dancing, breathing, and meditation. Through rhythm and sound you will release stress and body tension and bring your brain into a calm and meditative state. Relaxes your body and mind and helps you to recover your center and get grounded. 

Tai Chi ( TAI )

Tai Chi incorporates slow, deliberate movements, meditation, and breathing exercises to help your circulation, balance, and alignment while restoring energy. This is a low-impact martial art with amazing benefits.

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Northwest Mind/Body/Spirit Connection
Posted Thu, Apr 05, 2018

Body & Brain will be participating this year in the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection at the Bellevue Hilton on April 21st! Come out and support us and see what the event is all about.

Wooden Pillow Classes
Posted Thu, Apr 05, 2018

On April 7th, try the wooden pillow! Our wooden pillow is a carefully crafted Acupressure Self-Massage tool to help you get fast relief and release tension in your body, especially in your neck and shoulders. It provides a surprisingly simple way to get your health back on track.

ImDokMaek Circulation Healing
Posted Tue, Feb 13, 2018

Through this special training, you will be guided by Tao Master, Master Gio Dahnsanim, on opening up the great circulation of Governor and Conception energy channel (front to back).

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