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Trial Class + Intro

$75 value
  • Experience a 60-minute Body & Brain class of your choice
  • Meet with a trained instructor for a 30-minute introductory session
  • Receive personal care and an assessment of your flexibility, breathing, balance, and energy
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Introductory Session

$50 value
  • Receive a 50-minute wellness and energy assessment with a trained instructor
  • Get personalized guidance on how to improve your fitness, release stress, and strengthen your focus and peace of mind
  • Start a new path to uncover inner strength and energy in daily life
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1-Month Online Classes

  • Choose from a variety of online classes including Tai Chi/Qigong, Energy Yoga, Energy Flow, and more
  • Practice from the comfort of home
  • Connect with a national community of practitioners who value health, happiness, and peace
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