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Who We Are

Body & Brain yoga is a leading health and wellness business, but we are about much more than business. We are committed to providing people with the tools to reduce stress and make meaningful change in their lives. We are also committed to sustainability and promoting mindful living globally.


What We Believe

We believe the benefits of yoga are not confined to the classroom. So, we apply a holistic concept of health, that concerns itself with the physical, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing of each individual. Our classes and programs empower individuals to help themselves and the world around them.


What We Offer

As our name implies, we offer Yoga classes and workshops. We also offer Tai Chi, meditation and other mind body training programs based on Korean Tradition. We are constantly innovating and striving to provide authentic, personalized experiences.


What Drives Us

Body & Brain yoga Business ethics are based on the Hong Ik philosophy, which means “widely benefiting,” emphasizing the greater good. The Hong Ik philosophy guides our business choices, our relationships and the products and services we offer. We believe promoting holistic health for individuals is a benefit to the larger community.


Our Heritage

The practice of Body & Brain yoga has its origins in Korea. It began in a public park in 1980, with founder, Ilchi Lee’s commitment to the health of the people of his country. Lee first taught one person and others joined in. Lee taught his method in that park for free for 5 years then found a studio and organized a business to sustain and support the service he was offering. The simplicity and effectiveness of the methods caught on and spread quickly throughout Korea and eventually to other countries.


Body & Brain yoga Today

Since 1996 our company has offered unique Body & Brain yoga® training methods in the United States through our corporate yoga centers, affiliate and franchises locations. We encourage our instructors and practitioners to share what they learn as a benefit to their community. The spirit of those classes in the park continue with nearly several hundred free or subsidized community classes offered around the US.

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