Initial Awakening Workshop

July 23, 2019
Initial Awakening Workshop


Initial Awakening Workshop


Main Training

Offered: Once a Month, typically on a Saturday
Workshop Fee: $190
Length: 5 hours
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Is This Program For You?
• Do you want to be more grounded?
• Do you want to learn how to generate more energy and how to manage it more effectively?
• Do you want to learn more about the principles of Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi and how to apply them to improve your health?
• Do you want to strengthen the energy system of your body and its power to heal itself?
• If you can relate to any of these questions, you can find this program very beneficial.

This dynamic workshop will help you obtain the knowledge and mindset needed for personal transformation. You will gain understanding of the energy system and how energy works as an intermediary between mind and body. You will practice how to focus on yourself and how to manage your body and mind. You will become aware of energy as the foundation of your being and discover the energetic process of decision making. You will learn how to manage your energy for optimal functioning of the body and brain so that you can change your habits and unlock your full potential. You will learn the basic principals of belly button healing and how to utilize this powerful self-healing technique to recover and maintain your overall health.

This workshop is perfect for beginner's and longer term practitioners that want to activate the energy system within to achieve life goals and internal peace.

Experience Deep Connection

Between you and your body, which serves which? For many people, their relationship with their body seems to be reversed. This means that they are serving their bodies rather than the other way around. As a good owner of your body you need to take good care of your body as a matter of course. However, this doesn't mean you are driven and controlled by your body's need and its conditions. Having your body serve you is more than developing your will power and discipline. It comes with your awakening that there's more to life and you are more than your body. It is the beginning of a bigger spiritual awakening to what you really are. By maintaining this realization, you can establish a proper relationship with your body and your life can become productive in the most meaningful way.

What Will You Get From This Program?

Through this workshop you will have a direct experience of the energy system of your body and learn how it works. This program will also provide you with principles and tools that you can apply to your everyday life for more energy, greater strength, better stress management, and clearer focus.

Program Outline
• Introduction to your body's energy system
• Open up energy pathways and refresh your energy
• Strengthen your core
• Awaken new senses
• The power of meditation and quieting the mind
• Applications for your every day life

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