The Brain Belt: New Video Podcast!

March 26, 2019
The Brain Belt New Video Podcast


The Brain Belt

A Body & Brain Podcast

Beyond Yoga #22

In this Body & Brain podcast, David and Minjae discuss the hottest new brain-based fashion trends and how to talk to your brain.

What does the "brain belt" do, and why was Minjae yelling in the car at Safeway?  Watch the video to find out.

Written by David Driscoll
David Driscoll has been teaching Body & Brain and Brain Education for over 14 years. He is currently managing Body & Brain’s YouTube channel, BNBTV, as well as hosting Brain Masterz- A User’s Manual for the Brain- along with Minjae Kim. David studied anthropology at Princeton University and enjoys tai chi and meditation as well as traveling, studying languages, and golf.