What Does It Mean to Live the Yoga Lifestyle?

December 15, 2021
What Does It Mean to Live the Yoga Lifestyle


The Yoga Lifestyle: What It Is, How to Live One, and the Benefits

Incorporating yoga into your daily life can seem like a burden—something to add to your already busy day.

But truly living the yoga lifestyle doesn’t have to feel that way.

Building the mentality of yoga into your daily life can be accomplished with small steps that can lead you to a deeper connection to who you are.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the lifestyle of yoga and the benefits it can provide your mind and body.

Table of Contents

What Does It Mean to Live a Yoga Lifestyle?
3 Key Benefits of Living the Yoga Lifestyle
4 Secrets to Living a Yoga Lifestyle
Practice Living a Yoga Lifestyle with Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi

What Does It Mean to Live a Yoga Lifestyle?

Wondering what exactly is the yoga lifestyle?

Living a yoga lifestyle can mean different things to different people.

For some, it may mean that they understand the many physical benefits of yoga—so they have a desire to achieve those physical benefits.

For others, it may mean that they are searching for answers to many personal questions—so they desire to use yoga as a means for finding those answers.

For you, it may mean that you’re looking for a deeper spiritual connection. Or maybe you’re hoping to connect more with yourself.

No matter what your “why” is, a Korean yoga lifestyle is all about self-love and self-care. With Body & Brain Yoga, we teach yoga as a practical way of life so you can experience its full benefit. Keep reading as we explore the many benefits of living a yoga lifestyle.

If you’re ready to learn how to connect with yourself through yoga, click below to find a studio near you.

3 Key Benefits of Living a Yoga Lifestyle

Korean yoga methods taught with Body & Brain Yoga are meant for people who want the benefits of mind-body practices while living their everyday lives.

Body & Brain Yoga techniques are simple and easy for anyone to learn—yet the benefits are great.

You can experience the science-backed benefits of yoga regardless of your:

• Age
• Gender
• Experience level
• Physical ability; or
• Life commitments

#1: Benefits for Your Body

Through mindful stretching, breathing, and meditation, you can begin to feel more aware of your body—while working the muscles and joints in your body.

Living a yoga lifestyle benefits your body through self-care and can:

• Help increase your flexibility and balance
• Help improve your energy and blood circulation
• Help to maintain an energy balance that is good for your metabolism
• Help to promote cardiovascular health
• Help to improve your body’s bone density and muscle tone
• Help your efforts to manage pain in your body

#2: Benefits for Your Mind

When you practice a yoga lifestyle, you can create energy balance—putting your brain at its best performance. With Body & Brain Yoga, we teach an integrated approach to help you develop the whole brain.

Living a yoga lifestyle can:

• Help you relax and handle stressful situations more easily
• Help you feel centered and balanced
• Help you quiet the mind and improve concentration
• Help you experience more positive thoughts and self-love
• Help you develop a sense of ownership of your:
      ⚬ Health
      ⚬ Happiness
      ⚬ Peace

#3: Benefits for Your Spirit

Beyond your physical and mental health, a yoga lifestyle turns your attention inward as you begin to focus on self-care and self-love. It is uniquely designed to enhance the spiritual aspect of human existence — creating a connection between Heaven, Earth, and the human body.

Living a yoga lifestyle can:

• Help you relax and handle stressful situations more easily
• Help you feel at peace and centered
• Help you feel whole and connected with humanity and nature
• Help you identify your life purpose and passion for life
• Help you become more aware of your:
      ⚬ Body
      ⚬ Feelings
      ⚬ The world around you

4 Secrets to Living a Yoga Lifestyle

Ready to live a yoga lifestyle—a lifestyle of self-love?

Here’s the biggest secret:

Don’t try to fit doing yoga into your daily routine. They should be done simultaneously.

Living a yoga lifestyle means incorporating mindfulness into your everyday routines—even when you’re doing mundane tasks.

When you understand the principles of yoga, begin to put them into practice, and then start to live a life of purpose while practicing what you’ve learned, you will then be able to move naturally toward living a yoga lifestyle.

Let’s take a look at some practical things you can start doing now.

#1: Do Something Physical Every Day

This is as easy as it sounds—simply moving your body each day is key. Many people put off starting working toward living a yoga lifestyle simply because they think it takes a lot of time.

You don’t need to over-complicate it or set aside an hour per day for yoga. A yoga lifestyle is about connecting with yourself, and that can begin to happen one minute at a time.

It may look something like:

• Practice slow, belly breathing for 1 minute while you shower to deeply relax your mind and body.
• Find a quiet place to enjoy your morning tea so you can meditate and visualize what you want to achieve before you start the day.
• Take 1-2 minutes away from your computer to stretch and walk to loosen tense muscles.
• Practice some stretching postures before bed for 5-10 minutes to release and wind down.
• Attend a class 2-3 days per week to connect with others in the yoga community who are working towards self-improvement too.

Even just 5 to 30 minutes per day can help lead to living a yoga lifestyle. A yoga lifestyle is not about breaking a sweat or just about the physical self. It’s about connecting to yourself, loving yourself, taking care of yourself. You can do that throughout your day without having to ever schedule it in.

How This Leads to a Yoga Lifestyle

The more you practice yoga—mindful stretching, breathing, and meditation—throughout the day, the more of the benefits you’ll begin to notice.

You may begin to notice that it has made changes to...

• Your body
• Your relationships; or
• Your work productivity

… so then you can also more naturally choose to make positive changes to your eating habits and sleep routines.

Noticing the way your life changes and appreciating those changes is important. It can make you want to practice more—leading to a yoga lifestyle.

As you live a yoga lifestyle, you can begin to listen to your body better to begin moving more in ways that help lead to self-care and self-love.

This may look like one of these two examples:

1. If you’re feeling emotional and are aware of what emotions you’re feeling, you can take a moment to breathe it out.
2. If you’re feeling stiff and pain in your shoulders, you can take a minute to move that area to release the tension there.

As you begin to take better care of yourself minute-by-minute and are in tune with what’s going on inside yourself, you are in the practice of developing a true yoga lifestyle.

#2: Discover Your Purpose

Many lack the awareness to ask themselves questions they want to know the answers for. They ask doctors, friends, or family members, but they never ask themselves the important questions—questions that lead to discovering their purpose.

When you can quiet your busy mind, you can begin to hear that inner voice and answer your own questions through mindfulness.

You can begin to imagine what your life will look like 5, 10, or 30 years from now, and ask yourself:

• What is my life purpose?
• What do I want?
• Where is my life headed?
• What is my next step?
• What do I want to do with my life?
• What do I want to share with people in the future?

How This Leads to a Yoga Lifestyle

Having a purpose helps you want to take care of your body. You want to be healthy—body, mind, and spirit—to fulfill that purpose.

Sometimes having busy and noisy lives makes it difficult to hear and tune in to what’s going on within ourselves—we’re distracted by external things.

When you’re able to quiet the busyness and begin to connect with yourself to ask and answer your deepest questions, you can begin to discover your purpose.

Once you discover your purpose (or purposes), this can motivate you to create and to stick to a yoga lifestyle.

#3: Have Accountability

Sharing your yoga lifestyle goals and reasons with others gives you the motivation you need to follow through with a yoga lifestyle.

A few examples of how to start are:

• Share with three people that you’re going to go to a yoga class three times per week—then practice it. Ask them to hold you accountable.
• Tell a coworker you’re going to use your 15-minute break to be alone outside to work on stretching—and do it. Ask her to remind you if needed.
• Ask a friend to come with you to a yoga class.

How This Leads to a Yoga Lifestyle

When you have a good support system and people to hold you accountable, you are more likely to keep going.

This leads to many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Once you are consistently incorporating yoga techniques into your everyday life, you’ll be better connected with yourself.

Once you can connect better with yourself, you can begin to live a life of:

• Self-love
• Self-care; and
• Self respect

#4: Join a Yoga Center

Besides the benefits that living a yoga lifestyle offers, the biggest benefit to joining a yoga center is community.

With Body & Brain Yoga, we provide an environment of support. You can feel safe to connect with your body and mind. As you become more connected with your emotions, you may even experience an emotional release during yogasupported and without the threat of judgment.

How This Leads to a Yoga Lifestyle

Not only does attending a yoga session 2-3 times per week offer you the accountability we talked about above, but it also helps to create consistency.

With Body and Brain Yoga, our yoga classes are fun and dynamic. This will help keep you committed and wanting moreleading you to the ultimate end goal of connecting with yourself.

Each Body & Brain yoga class trains your body and helps center your awareness inside yourself—leaving you feeling recharged, relaxed, and refreshed.

A true yoga lifestyle is making the habit of incorporating mindfulness into your every day. Joining a community of like-minded people at a yoga center can help to create that habit.

Practice Living a Yoga Lifestyle With Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi

By getting connected to the Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi community, you’ll receive:

• A community of like-minded individuals that lift you up
• The experience of spending time with others with shared goals
• Accountability
• Encouragement

With support from a yoga center community, practice becomes:

• Easier
• More consistent; and
• More fun

Are you ready to take a holistic approach to your health and well-being?

Join us today to get a private introductory session. One of our expert team members can help you make a plan to achieve your yoga lifestyle goals.