What Are the 7 Chakras?

April 13, 2022
What Are the 7 Chakras


Understanding the 7 Chakras and Their Meanings

The 7 chakras.

You probably heard them mentioned on TV or in your yoga class.

But exactly what are the 7 chakras? And why do they matter?

If you're interested in learning more about chakras, read on.

Here we answer your questions about chakras, including:

Are there different types of chakras?
What are the 7 chakras?
What color is each chakra?
How can I access the 7 chakras?

Table of Contents

What Is a Chakra?
Are There Different Types of Chakras?
What Are the 7 Healing Chakras?
Can Chakras Become Blocked?
Benefits of Unblocking the 7 Chakras
Accessing the 7 Chakras at Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi

What Is a Chakra?

In Sanskrit, chakra means “spinning wheel of energy.”

Chakras correspond to…

• Your major organs
• Your nerves; and
• Other areas of your body

…that relate to your physical and emotional well-being.

Beginning at your tailbone and running to the top of your head, your chakras are at the center of your body.

Chakras play a critical role in your life and can relate to your:

• Personality
• Moods
• Thoughts; and
• Actions

Are There Different Types of Chakras?

Yes! Depending on who you ask, there can be seven, nine, twelve, or even 114 different types of chakras.

Here, we will be learning about the 7 chakras, each of which has a corresponding:

• Name
• Number
• Color
• Location; and
• Health focus

What Are the 7 Healing Chakras?

There are 7 types of chakras, including:

1. The root chakra
2. The sacral chakra
3. The solar plexus chakra
4. The heart chakra
5. The throat chakra
6. The third eye chakra
7. The crown chakra

The 7 chakras correspond to the seven colors of the rainbow, representing the energy coming in and out of your body.

When you learn deeply about the chakras, you can get to know yourself better and understand how to become your true self.

By looking at each of the 7 chakras and their characteristics, you will be able to see areas you may need to work on.

Here are the basics, but to learn even more, get in touch with us today at Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi.

#1: The Root Chakra

The first chakra is the root chakra, and its energy is a deep, red color.

The root chakra is the foundation of life.

It is located in your tailbone, and if your root chakra has a healthy energy balance, you have a strong will and a healthy drive for life.


How Can You Access the Root Chakra?

Possible ways to access the root chakra include:

• Walking barefoot for grounding
• Eating naturally red foods
• Doing grounding meditations
• Doing grounding yoga poses
• Facing your past; and
• Connecting with family and friends

#2: The Sacral Chakra

The second chakra is the sacral chakra and its energy is an orange color.

Located two inches below your navel, the sacral chakra is the powerhouse of your body and home to your creative energy.

People who have a strong sacral chakra have good relationships with themselves and others.

If your sacral chakra is blocked, you may feel detached from your emotions and the emotions of those around you.

How Can You Access the Sacral Chakra?

Possible ways to access the sacral chakra include:

• Expressing your creativity
• Eating naturally orange foods
• Doing yoga poses that open the hip area
• Repeating affirmations that you are deserving of love
• Practicing healthy sexuality; and
• Investing in healthy relationships

#3: The Solar Plexus Chakra

The third chakra is the solar plexus chakra, and it is represented by the color yellow.

The solar plexus chakra is located between your stomach and liver in the middle of your diaphragm.

People who have a healthy balance of their third chakra possess self-confidence.

People with unhealthy energy in their solar plexus chakra tend to be triggered by their emotions and are easily upset.

It is not uncommon for someone to have a lot of pain in their third chakra since it is the place where some unresolved…

• Emotions
• Trauma; and
• Memories

…are stored.

How Can You Access the Solar Plexus Chakra?

Possible ways to access the solar plexus chakra include:

• Yoga
• Breathwork
• Tapping

#4: The Heart Chakra

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra and its energy is green.

The heart chakra is located at the center of your chest, parallel with your nipples.

Your heart chakra is the home of your:

• Soul
• Heart; and
• True self

People who have a healthy balance of energy in their heart chakra can love themselves and other people. They display compassion and resonate with others.

If your fourth chakra is unhealthy, you may be …

• Lacking in empathy
• Struggling to show compassion; and
• Doing things that hurt yourself and others

Many individuals who have unhealed trauma or stress are said to have a blocked fourth chakra.

How Can You Access the Heart Chakra?

Possible ways to access the heart chakra include:

• Doing heart chakra yoga poses
• Spending time in nature
• Eating naturally green foods
• Repeating affirmations of love for yourself and all living things
• Focusing on having an open heart

#5: The Throat Chakra

The fifth chakra is the throat chakra, and its energy is a turquoise blue color.

The throat chakra is located at the center of your throat, and it is the seat of your self-expression.

If you have a balanced energy center in your throat chakra, you will be able to express your needs well and in a way that doesn’t hurt other people.

People who have an imbalance throat chakra can tend to:

• Not express their emotions enough; or
• Overly express themselves in a way that hurts themselves or others

They may have a scratchy throat or a raspy voice that lacks clarity.

People who tend to swallow their words and have difficulty expressing themselves can experience blockages in their throat chakra.

How Can You Access the Throat Chakra?

Possible ways to access the throat chakra include:

• Breath exercises
• Doing throat chakra yoga poses
• Eating naturally blue foods; and
• Repeating affirmations that your voice matters

#6: The Third Eye Chakra

The sixth chakra is the third eye chakra, and its energy is indigo blue.

Located between your eyebrows, your third eye chakra is the seat of your:

• Intuition
• Wisdom; and
• Insight

People with a healthy balance of their third eye chakra can see straight into the root of a problem.

If your energy isn’t circulating well in your sixth chakra, you are not able to use your insight and wisdom, and you may:

• Not know yourself well
• Feel numb; and
• Be out of touch with the world around you

How Can You Access the Third Eye Chakra?

Possible ways to access the third eye chakra include:

• Doing chakra yoga poses
• Eating naturally blue foods
• Meditating on a flame, such as a candle
• Breath exercises; and
• Spending time in nature

#7: The Crown Chakra

The 7th chakra is the crown chakra, and its color is violet purple.

Located on the top of your head, your crown chakra is where you receive and communicate energy from the spiritual realm.

If your 7th chakra is balanced, you have a good connection to spirit or life energy around you.

People with a balanced 7th chakra feel connected to:

• People
• Animals
• Trees; and
• Everything in general

Those who have an imbalance of the energy in their 7th chakra, feel a sense of disconnection.

They may walk around with their heads in the clouds, living in space, instead of in the here and now, and may have difficulty connecting with people and life in general.

How Can You Access the Crown Chakra?

Possible ways to access the crown chakra include:

• Doing crown chakra yoga poses
• Eating foods that are naturally white or purple
• Spending time in nature; and
• Repeating affirmations that energy lives forever

Can Chakras Become Blocked?

The short answer is yes.

Each of the 7 chakras can get blocked in ways that relate to all sorts of problems in our everyday lives.

How do they become blocked? Think of it like this…

Picture a beautiful, babbling mountain stream.

In a perfect world, the water will begin at the very top of the mountain and flow, undisturbed, until it reaches the bottom. But a storm rolls through, moving a huge boulder right into the center of the stream, blocking the current.

Now, the flow of water has been diverted or stopped altogether, making it unable to access anything beyond the boulder.

Imagine the flowing water to be the flow of energy through your body.

This is how the seven chakras in your body can become blocked.

What Are Some Things That Cause Chakras to Become Blocked?

The 7 chakras can become blocked by a wide variety of things, including:

• Trauma
• Family issues
• Stress at work
• Financial problems
• Unresolved anger
• Poor dietary choices
• Sexual issues
• Grief
• Low self-esteem
• Feelings of rejection
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Sickness
• Resentment
• Living in denial; and
• More

Benefits of Unblocking the 7 Chakras

When the 7 chakras become blocked, it's critical to unblock them.


Because unblocking and opening your chakras will properly restore the energy balance in your body, affecting your…

• Physical
• Mental; and
• Spiritual

…health and wellness.

When your chakras are unblocked, it will help you to:

• Heal your trauma
• Increase the openness of your mind
• Develop a positive outlook
• Build deeper relationships with those around you
• Improve your memory
• Enhance your concentration
• Develop a more keen awareness of life; and
• Much more

Accessing the 7 Chakras at Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi

If you would like to learn more about how strong chakras contribute to your overall wellness, gain insights about the different chakras, and learn methods to help you balance your chakra energy, Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi would love to help.

At Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi, we offer a wide variety of workshops and classes to help you open your chakras.

We start by doing energy testing to assess which chakras may be blocked in your body and then teach …

• Physical bodywork
• Energy meditations; and
• Breathing exercises

… to open up the blockages and connect them all as one. Finally, we reassess your chakras to ensure energy is flowing properly.

At Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi, you’ll also be connected with an encouraging community of like-minded people who can provide …

• Encouragement
• Accountability; and
• Friendship

… to keep you motivated as you travel the path to a holistic approach to your well-being and health

Join us today for a private introductory session and let one of our expert team members help you make a plan to achieve your goals.