How to Balance Your Chakras

May 31, 2022
How to Balance Your Chakras


A Guide to Balancing Your Chakras

If you’ve ever been to a healing arts class, such as yoga or tai chi, or even done some research about the topic, you’ve probably heard the term ‘chakra’.

Creating harmony and improving the flow of energy in your body is an integral part of yoga and tai chi practice. They can help you feel better and more centered.

But what are chakras and how do you know if they are balanced? How do I balance all my chakras?

This guide will help you better understand chakras and how to balance chakras so you can experience better energy flow.

Table of Contents

What Are Chakras?
What Does Balancing Your Chakras Do?
How Do You Know if Your Chakras Are Blocked?
What Does it Feel Like When Your Chakras Are Balanced?
How to Balance Your Chakras: 4 Different Ways
How Often Should You Balance Your Chakras?
Balance Your Chakras With Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi

What Are Chakras?

The term ‘chakra’ means ‘wheel’ or ‘disc’ in Sanskrit and refers to energy centers in the body. Also called “the subtle body,” chakras are associated with focal points in the physical body and how they relate to the mind or psychic energy of a person. More modern researchers talk about this energy flow as it relates to the body’s nervous system.

There are seven chakras in the body, starting from the top of the head to the base of your spine:

1. Crown- top of the head
2. Third eye- between the eyebrows
3. Throat- throat/neck
4. Heart- chest
5. Solar plexus- sternum
6. Sacral- stomach/core
7. Root- base of the spine

When your chakras are opened, or balanced, energy can flow freely throughout the body, maintaining harmony. But when you are experiencing a blockage in one or more of your chakras, you could notice dysfunction in the body and mind.

What Does Balancing Your Chakras Do?

Imagine a river flowing toward the ocean. The river starts on the mountain and must overcome obstacles to reach the ocean.

There are many bends in the path, with trees falling across the river. Rocks block the path and prevent the river from flowing, leaving only a trickle about to finally reach the sea. Many areas are left in drought because they were not able to receive the water needed. It is not a healthy landscape.

Now imagine that same river with an unobstructed path. The water rushes down the mountain, through the hills, and across the plain to the basin.

Of course, some water is used along the way, but much more water can reach the ocean. Now the water cycle can begin again, without fear of drought or flooding.

This image is similar to the flow of energy in our bodies.

When mental and physical stress are interrupting the flow of energy, our bodies cannot function properly. We need to remove the blockages to restore life and balance by unblocking our chakras.

How Do You Know if Your Chakras Are Blocked?

Sometimes we just feel ‘off’, but we may not know why. Our bodies will usually send us signals or messages to let us know we need to pay attention and correct an issue.

Could your body be telling you there is an interruption in one or more chakra, preventing energy from flowing correctly?

Many people believe that blocked chakras are at the root of all body dysfunctions. If you notice your body is not functioning or feeling its best, it could be related to a blocked chakra.

According to tradition, if your chakras are blocked, you could potentially notice or experience feelings like:

• Unexplained fatigue, despite getting adequate rest
• Feeling overly emotional
• Mood swings for no apparent reason
• Trouble thinking clearly, or lack of creativity
• Various physical ailments
• Feeling nervous or restless
• Pain or discomfort in the body
• Tightness or pressure throughout the body

Turn your attention inward and listen to what your body is telling you. Then you can focus on restoring balance and unblocking your chakras.

What Does it Feel Like When Your Chakras Are Balanced?

Imagine feeling your absolute best. Your chakras are balanced and you are functioning at your highest potential. This is your peak state.

When your chakras are balanced, you may feel:

• Joyful
• Confident
• Powerful
• Brave
• Persistent
• Strong
• Grounded
• Balanced; and
• Wellness

How to Balance Your Chakras: 4 Different Ways

Once you understand how important energy is to your wellness, you will probably want to start clearing and balancing your chakras.

Bringing balance to your body allows your energy, or life force, to flow through the body without restriction. An energy block acts like a roadblock that prevents energy from getting where it needs to go or disrupts the most effective route.

While you can’t eliminate roadblocks on your way to work, you can balance your chakras to remove energy blocks that are harming your body and spirit.

Try these techniques for clearing and balancing your chakras:

• Tapping
• Stretching
• Meditation; and
• Yoga

To further your learning and deepen your understanding of chakras, you can attend a class or schedule a private consultation with one of the experts at Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi. Our experienced staff can help you gain insights and learn methods to balance your chakras.

#1: Tapping

Tapping is a form of acupressure that has grown in popularity in recent years. Tapping is a traditional Asian healing art that stems from countries like China, India, Korea, Tibet, and Asia. Tapping involves applying gentle pressure to certain pressure points in the body to help release energy blockages.

One of the reasons tapping works is that it brings your attention to points on your body that need healing or balancing. As you are tapping your chakra points, you are physically manifesting the opening of an energy pathway.

Here’s How to Do It

Here’s an example of a tapping exercise:

Beginning at the lower abdomen around the 1st and 2nd chakras and moving upwards, use your fists or fingertips to gently tap on each chakra point rapidly 30 times.

Being present and intentional, paying attention to the flow of energy through your body, tap each chakra point, from top to bottom, ending with the root chakra.

You can repeat this practice as many times as you feel necessary. With each rotation through the chakras, you may feel the blockage reduce as you activate the flow of energy into and through that chakra.

You can also focus your tapping on a single blocked chakra.

If you know which chakra is blocked or want to focus on a specific chakra, you can facilitate unblocking by tapping just that particular chakra.

Try this simple tapping exercise:

#2: Stretching

Muscles can store negative energy and emotions in the form of tension that weighs down the body and spirit. Those negative thoughts and emotions block the positive flow of life force and can negatively affect the body.

Stretching can help clear this energy out of the body and align the chakras.

The body is not meant to be tight or restricted. Stretching helps you to lengthen and loosen the body so blood, air, and energy can move freely.

Here’s How to Do It

Stretching to clear or balance chakras can be an effective way to target one chakra at a time.

To clear your root chakra, for instance, you can perform a head-to-knee forward bend. Similar to a hamstring stretch, this movement can help to open up the hips, spine, and shoulders.

Sit on the floor with both legs flat. Bend one leg, bringing your foot to rest inside the opposite thigh. Slowly bend at the waist, reaching toward the extended foot. Stretch as far as you feel comfortable, with the ultimate goal being to rest your head on the knee of the extended leg.

Instead of researching specific stretches for each chakra, you can find the movements needed to unblock chakras by attending a class at Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi. Our instructors are extremely knowledgeable about chakras and energy flow and can offer you guidance for your unique body.

Try this short stretching exercise routine:

#3: Meditation

Meditation allows you to bring your focus inward. Rhythmic breathing and visualization can help you increase your awareness and identify any blockages you may be experiencing.

Here’s How to Do It

Find a quiet place that is free from distractions. Find a comfortable position to sit or lie down. You can close your eyes and allow yourself to rest.

Pay attention to your breath and feel the air move through your lungs. Notice how you feel. Allow yourself to be aware of any places in your body that feel tight or blocked. Bring your attention to those areas, one at a time. Visualize the blockage being removed and your energy moving freely.

As you restore balance, notice how you feel. Make a mental note of any changes and how your body is responding. Return to your normal activities when you feel ready.

You can meditate any time you begin to feel unbalanced.

Awareness and breathing can be very effective tools to help clear blocked chakras.

Try this relaxing meditation session:

#4: Yoga

We know that what happens to the body affects the mind and spirit, and vice versa. When we move with purpose and flow through movements that are designed to open our minds and bodies, we can also create openness in our chakras.

Yoga is often used as a way to unblock and keep open chakras. The meaningful movements allow more of your energy or life force to flow throughout your body.

Attending a class or maintaining a regular yoga practice can help you to keep your chakras balanced and your energy flowing.

Here’s How to Do It

Yoga incorporates many of the strategies recommended for balancing chakras. The gentle flow of movements and intentional breathing work to bring your focus to your body and what it needs.

Using a specific order of movements is beneficial to improve the flow of energy through your body. You can help your energy move freely by opening up the pathways needed and going through poses in a very specific order.

While you can do yoga at home, working with an instructor who is well-versed in chakra balancing is the most effective way to remove blocks in your energy wheel.

Try this Body & Brain yoga routine:

How Often Should You Balance Your Chakras?

Once you have unblocked your chakras, you will want to find a regular practice to help you maintain energy balance.

Balancing your chakras is a practice, as chakra balancing is not permanent. Anytime you start feeling the effects of blocked chakras, it is a good idea to balance them.

One way to keep your chakras open to energy flow is to attend a regular yoga or tai chi class. This creates a routine of flow to help prevent any blockages that may come from long periods without effective movement.

Balance Your Chakras With Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi

Bringing balance to your body and unblocking your chakras should be a regular practice. Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi offers a variety of resources to help you understand chakras and improve your flow.

From seminars to consultations to expert-led classes, we can help you better understand your body, identify your needs, and help you restore balance to your body and spirit.

Join us today and let our experienced staff help you find the best method for you to unblock your chakras and maintain the flow of energy you need to live your best life.