Developing Mindfulness With Holistic Fitness

November 7, 2020
Developing Mindfulness With Holistic Fitness


Body & Brain Wyckoff encourages our members to set daily exercise goals and sincerely check that they are achieving their goals. Choosing small daily goals is a positive action for developing one’s overall well-being. By checking, it is possible to make adjusts for optimal results. This naturally transforms into daily mindfulness.

We recommend a combination of strength training, yoga stretching, and breathing meditation. Through the discipline of mindful living, we naturally pay attention to what and how we eat, our emotions, and our daily motivations. Reflecting on the day and releasing any emotions will also help us take better rest and start the new day recharged.

When we live making good new habits, it is easier to overcome our stressful thinking with creative and positive plans. Affirming our accomplishments grows our confidence and we develop the mind power to remain positive when life challenges us. This is the power of holistic fitness. To learn more about achieving your wellness goals, please visit or call us at 201-444-6020.