Use Your Body to Enhance Your Mental Strength.

DahnMuDo is the combination of energy principles and Korean traditional healing martial arts. Through the practice of DahnMuDo, you can master the method of moving and spreading energy accumulated in your body’s core through the whole body. In this non-combative, healing martial art, you learn how to use your body to enhance your mental strength while gaining a sense of personal integrity. It is also known as the art of being limitless and is often described as a dynamic balance between powerful movement, exquisite grace, and inner stillness.


  • Do you feel like you have the potential to do more in life?
  • Do you want to develop more strength and power in your body?
  • Are you interested in developing more personal discipline to achieve your goals?

If any of these questions sound like you, check out this workshop.



  • Adjusting & Stabilizing Exercises
  • - To loosen up the muscles and joints
  • - To open up the blockages in the meridians
  • - To activate and improve the overall energy circulation
  • Circulating Exercises
  • - Developing a strong energy center in the lower abdomen area and enhancing the capability to manage the energy.
  • Advanced Qi-Managing Exercises
  • - Learning how to control the flow of energy
  • - Learning how to create the appropriate kinds of energy for diverse purposes
  • - Learning how to use the energy for healing oneself and others

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