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Body & Brain Denver Yoga and Tai Chi

Through simple yet effective holistic mind-body training methods we have helped countless people improve their physical, emotional, and mental conditions. From pain management and stress relief to overcoming deep-rooted difficulties, our practice is meant to be a truly healing experience for each person who walks through our door.

Our mission is to empower individuals by activating the brain's natural ability to create health and happiness. We believe in the significance of self-change and its direct contribution to the health of those around us. The Denver center is located just north of the 25 on Colorado Blvd near the Guitar Center and next to Lamps Plus. Many members have been enjoying both yoga and tai chi classes here for years. We welcome you to come try one of our classes!  

Don't wait to unleash the true potential of YOUR body and brain.

GiJeuk (Christie) Jensen
GiJeuk is her spiritual name meaning "Blessed Miracle!" Given to her by her teacher. For her, it is truly a miracle to be alive in this time and place and when she met Body & Brain Yoga/Tai Chi about 9 years ago, her awakening was also like a miracle. She has great passion to share her awakening through deep healing experiences with many people. She has been teaching with Body & Brain Yoga/Tai Chi Health Centers for 8 years in the Seattle, WA and Denver, CO area. currently she is managing the Denver branch where she provides Yoga, Tai Chi, Organ Detox, Chakra breathing and healing, Brain Education and Guided Meditation. She is excited to continue her journey in the Denver community.
Doh Gwang
DohGwang has been practicing and teaching Body & Brain principles for over 15 years. For the last 30 years she has been a geriatric care manager gaining experience in elders and their families and their end of life transition. She teaches classes at both the center and out in the community specializing in the elderly and disabled. Her mission is to assist with individuals, their families and caregivers to accomplish a peaceful transition not only end of life but in in any life change. Through teaching at the center she hopes to connect practitioners with their mind and body as well as empowering others to make a choice for their own healing and growth.
Paola Farer
Paola has been practicing Body and Brain Yoga and Tai Chi for over eight years. She has witnessed first-hand the healing potential this program has for people of varying ages and body types. She knows how essential stretching and breathing are to health, and she wants more and more people to experience the benefits. Through her classes, she helps people to feel their bodies in a new way and realize their own strength and healing potential. Her dream is to help members to feel more centered and connected with themselves so that when they leave the center they can be more grounded and loving with themselves and with others as well as have the mind to support others.
Body & Brain Yoga (All levels) ( BBY )

Body & Brain Yoga's regular classes are great for all levels and ages! Each class has effective and dynamic components of stretching, breathing, and meditation to destress, strengthen, and relax the mind and body. You will definitely feel refreshed and energized even after just one fun session guided by our experienced instructors!


Tai Chi and Ki gong ( TNK )

Tai Chi & Ki Gong combines slow, deliberate movements, meditation, and breathing exercises to help your circulation, balance, and alignment while restoring energy. This is a very low-impact exercise with amazing benefits.

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