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What makes Body & Brain different from other yogas?

We're glad you asked! Traditional Indian yoga highlights body movements and specific postures while Body & Brain focuses entirely on one’s body condition and energy state. Instead of emphasizing difficult yoga postures, our practice encourages practitioners to listen to their innate voice of wisdom to create inner energies of natural self-healing.

As you concentrate on your body, you will develop a sense of friendliness with yourself and therefore manifest a sustained bond of empathy for your own self. When this happens, you can not only develop true self-love but also the ability to see what habits and thoughts you have that dictate your life patterns. The essence of Body & Brain is to manifest this bond of self-empathy by focusing on and respecting your own body.


Can I try a class without joining?

Yes! You can make an appointment online or visit a local center to try a class before signing up for a membership. 


What do I wear for class?

We recommend that you come to class in loose-fitting clothes. When you’re sweating and detoxifying in our classes, your pores want to be as open as possible so that toxins can leave your body freely. Therefore, we do not recommend tight-fitting clothes as they congest the skin and make it more difficult for your pores to breathe. Also, no yoga mats are necessary. We have padded floors!


Will membership allow me to take classes at more than one location?

A basic membership will allow you to take classes only at the center where you join. However, if you purchase a long term membership, you can attend classes at any location. 


What happens if I move to another city or state?

If you move to another city or state, you can transfer your membership to a new location. If you move to a location where there is no Body & Brain or affiliate, you may cancel your membership in accordance with the terms of your membership agreement.


What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel your membership per the terms and conditions of your Membership Agreement. To cancel, please call (877) 477-9642 or send an email to