Korea Mediation Tour

About 5,270,000 people have visited Korea to view its stunning natural scenery, to taste its amazing foods, to visit its various festivals, and to experience its rich culture. Now it is your chance to do the same, while also deepening your practice. Rejuvenate your five senses and heal your body, mind, and spirit on this beautiful meditation tour taking place in Korea.

This meditation tour is your opportunity to be a part of the International Kookhak Kigong Competition and Bup-Soo ceremony held every year with the city. Kookhak Kigong Association became an official member organization of the Korean Olympic Committee in January 2016. This festival attracts martial arts enthusiasts, Tai chi and Ki Gong practitioners, and Body and Brain Yoga practitioners from all over the world, including from Canada, China, Japan, United Kingdom, United States, and Qatar! Last year, a team from the U.K. won the gold among foreign groups, a Japanese team won the silver award, and the U.S. team won a bronze award.

The Bup-Soo ceremony is an accreditation ceremony for those going through the mastership program. Those attending this ceremony for the completion of the program will receive their uniform, which is called a “Bup-Bok.” Congratulations to those completing this milestone! What an exciting time!

Meditation tour participants will be immersed in an abundance of culture and nature as they meet senior masters and visit the three sacred sites connected to Body & Brain Yoga practice. You will have the opportunity deepen your practice and discover potential within that you didn't even know existed! Study the core principles and philosophies of this practice at a deeper level in the place where it all originated.

This Korea Meditation Tour has been operating for almost a decade as the preferred tour for practitioners who seek to dive deep and sneak a peak at the roots of the Body & Brain Yoga discipline.