Location News | 2019-02-07

Are you ready to LOVE YOURSELF? Now is the time and within is the place! Learn to love yourself this year by starting to give yourself the time and attention that you deserve. Now it's easy with our Open House from February 13-16th to try out a few classes and learn what you can do for you! Bring along a friend to share the love as well. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? 


*Referee Discount applicable ONLY when Referred Person registers membership. Valid only 3 months up to 1 year new memberships, renewals and regional workshops: IBEL, IA/EPW, FTS. Limit up to 20% discount per use/ per person. NOT Valid for Gold membership renewals or 2 Year Membership/Silver Membership renewals. Offer Valid 2/13/19 -2/16/19.


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