How I have benefited from Body & Brain

Mary Huffman

May 29, 2017


How I have benefited from Body Brain

I am 76 years old. My first class was April 14 and I have come every day since. On March 28 I had an injury that required six chiropractic treatments to put my ribs back in place. I was feeling very sad because of the pain and because I was dealing with the murder of a grand niece whose funeral I could not attend because of the injury to my ribs.

I had a private hour with Master Lee to see if I could do the exercises in a large class and found I could. Since April 14, my back and legs are much stronger, I am able to relax my shoulders and stand straighter, my feet do not cramp as they did before and I am happy.

I look forward every day to seeing others in class and giving and receiving energy. I find myself doing may activities I did not have the energy to do before this class.

I am so grateful to Master Lee and Master Baek.

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