Always welcome and motivated to come back

If you are looking for a holistic training that includes both care of your body and mind, CGI Body & Brain is the...   View More
July 10
Lourdes Rodriguez

Gained flexibility and strength

I love taking classes and workshops at CGI. The facility is very clean and refreshing. The staff are very friendly an...   View More
July 10
Karen Prescott

Positive changes in body and mnind

CGI Body & Brain is a wonderful place. My experience has been very positive. In a month that I have been practici...   View More
July 1
Sully Gonzalez

Peaceful and Strong

Body & Brain Yoga has been an excellent practice for me over the past six years as I have grown physically muc...   View More

May 25
Jayaram Subramaniam

Highly Recommended

After four years of Body and Brain yoga I no longer need blood pressure meds, have improved bone density and my we...   View More

May 20
Pat Skahill

Harmonize Your Life

If you want to harmonize your life with joy, love, and inner peace, this Body & Brain center is very welc...   View More

May 7
Aylan Aylan

Body and Brain Yoga is Great!

I lived down the street and would walk by but it's sometimes hard for me to try new things. Although I did tak...   View More

May 7
Jeff Nielson

Love and care for yourself

I started 9 months ago and since then I feel much more energetic, less back pain, much lighter in my whole body. T...   View More

May 7
Audra Babich

I've decided to live 120 years

I've been attending the Westchester Center since July 2018 and it has been life changing! I have more energy, ...   View More

March 28
Theresa Davison
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