Unbelievable Changes in My Life

Andy Purcell

June 26, 2017


Unbelievable Changes in My Life

I have never been moved to review anything, but I have to share my experience with Body/Brain Yoga in the hope other people in need of help as I am or anyone wanting to to improve their life physically and mentally finds Body/Brain Yoga.

My two months of practice are at this moment helping me deal with withdrawal. I decided to quit Valium after 14 years at a very high dosage, without what I have learned both mentally and physically I'm sure I would survive, but in the last three days I've spent at least twenty hours using techniques I've learned with specific intent to help myself and the rest of the time the changes made in my life have enabled me to start this with so much less fear I can't believe it.

I'm not expressing myself as well as I'd like, suffice it to say my physical and mental condition have improved from pitiful to an acceptable level and as I work on there is no doubt in my mind I will move on to the point of feeling I'm in the best condition my body and brain are capable of, I now believe there are no limits to that potential.

To be continued...

 I just woke up and last night went through as difficult a night as I have ever had. Pain, pain and surprise, surprise more pain radiating everywhere. I got through the night due in a general sense Body/Brain, but more specifically Lenny Zuehlke, my master. Yeah it's a plug, but  I went through last night without going to the ER because of him and thought of with thanks throughout.

What my master has taught me would benefit anyone in some way, I don't know how, but this is a good thing. Thank you Lenny( with those tears you, you've taught me are often a good thing).

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