Since joining Dahn Yoga just over 4 years ago, I have experienced so many positive changes in my life that I am thankful for now. I initially came to Dahn Yoga to improve my physical condition but little did I know that I would experience many more benefits affecting my whole being (physically, emotionally, and spiritually).

Not only am I in my best physical condition now (in my early forties) but my emotional and spiritual health are much more balanced as well. I have been able to better manage and overcome many difficult life changing events over the past 4 years (loss of a loved one, career changes/transitions, etc.) because I have been experiencing and practicing Dahn Yoga regularly every week.

It is much more than going into a gym and getting a workout - it is a place where you can really focus on yourself, to really find peace of mind away from a hectic day, and a place where you are greeted at the door by instructors with warm, smiling faces who really care about your whole wellbeing. At least for me, this is a place I can look forward to coming to regularly and a place that helps motivate me to find balance in my daily life.