Body and Brain center is not a typical yoga that you may have practiced or heard of in your life. It is a comprehensive group of principles and practices, including yoga, Tai Chi, body detoxification and vibration.

Through the combination of practices, the whole body is challenged, including the brain. Challenge is good, isn’t it? If you said “No”, please think again. Being a member for just a short month, I have experienced so much; both with my physical body and mind. It would be impossible to describe it all here. Not due to the limited space, but mainly because of the complexity and the depth of those feelings, senses (and even aha moments) that have been experienced so far.

If you wish to raise the level of your daily energy, to gain the control of your emotions and feelings, to feel healthy physically and spiritually, to realize a true potential of your brain, and to open your heart, then this place is your starting point. It is clear to me now that there is really no limit to what we can achieve. You may already know, deep inside yourself, what needs to be changed in your life so that your time being on Earth is meaningful.

Yet, knowing isn’t doing, isn’t experiencing. With an individual approach and loving energy, Master Hong is helping us all to take that “knowing” to action. As I continue my practice and growth, I may add to this post, so stay tuned… or better yet, come and experience it all yourself!