Body and Brain Yoga happened to me at the right time - we were ready for each other. The very first class with Master Hong filled me with more energy and joy. Taking regular classes I’ve noticed that I’ve become more peaceful, active, energized, and feel much better about myself. The day when I have a class I feel good from the morning, looking forward to going to the studio.

When I started just a few months ago, I had problems with my knees, could hardly bend my legs and was in constant pain. Now I’m a happy owner of an almost healthy pair of knees and forgot about pain. Last week Master Hong took us to the “Finding True Self” 2 days workshop in Chicago. It was an amazing experience of getting through all accumulated baggage into the core of your being, into your true self. I witnessed almost mystical transformation in people who were able to recognize, accept and put away their hates, angers, fears, doubts, shame, grief, regrets, etc. They found what they really want in their life and started loving themselves again.

I feel more in accord with life, have more joy and understanding. We learn how to elevate the level of consciousness to become LOVE, JOY and PEACE. When you have these in yourself, you can radiate and affect the whole world around you to become a better place. I highly recommend Body and Brain Yoga to everyone to become a better you.