Open Your Heart and Find the True You!

Are you stuck in patterns that keep you from achieving your goals?

Are you unintentionally hurting your relationships and even damaging your health? 

Finding True Self is Body & Brain's signature workshop and is a must for anyone who wants to open their hearts to themselves to create harmony in their relationship with others and the world at large. 


WHAT CAN I EXPECT from Finding True Self? 

The goal of this workshop is to help you open your heart to your own self. "Who am I? Where did I come from? Where is my life headed to now?" These are the questions that you will delve into during this 1 to 2 day workshop. You will experience principle lectures, group interaction, guided meditation, and personal reflection to open a path of greater understanding of yourself, your motivations, and your potential. Designed to help you look honestly and carefully at the mental and emotional patters that keep you from living your best life, this workshop is perfect for you to get back on track or experience personal transformation to reconnect with your true nature.



This program is designed for those who want to: 

  • Find a clear direction in life
  • Discover what it is that your heart truly want
  • Heal from past memories and emotions
  • Reconcile inner and outer relationships
  • Feel motivation for living a meaningful life
  • Open your heart to feel and express more of who you truly are


FAQs about Finding True Self 

Why do I need to take a workshop? Aren't regular classes enough? 

Workshops like Finding True Self offer important self-healing and problem solving tools that each individual can directly apply to his or her own life. Regular classes are more structured to heal the physical body, while the workshops teach Body & Brain's principles of healing the energetic (emotional) and spiritual bodies. 

Why does the workshop take 2 days?

You will learn a lot of exercises and information through this workshop. Therefore, two days is necessary to equip you with as many tools as possible to discovering what it is that you truly want. Some regions condense Finding True Self into a 1-day workshop. Whether you take 2-day or 1-day Finding True Self, you will walk out of both with answers to who you are and what you truly want in your life. 

Will this be physically demanding? 

The physical exercises involved may be challenging but will be adapted for an individual's condition and strength. 

Can I really find my True Self in 2 days?

Fully connecting to and living as your True Self is a lifelong pursuit. However, this workshop gives you the tools you need to get started and to play a continuous, conscious role in your own growth. 

Can Finding True Self answer all of my questions?

The workshop itself does not answer the questions. The workshop creates the time, place, and environment where you can safely delve into your own heart and seek true answers from within. These are answers that are authentic and come from your soul's voice and is something that no one can impose or take away from you. The workshop helps you find answers within yourself to some key questions. The rest is up to you.