Water Up Fire Down Workshop

April 6, 2021
Water Up Fire Down Workshop


Support Your Immunity with Healthy Energy

There’s an ancient secret for a lifetime of healthy energy. Even though you don’t realize it, you’ve probably already heard about this secret. The secret is to manage your energy according to the Water Up Fire Down principle. Once you know how this works, you can develop habits that support physical immunity, emotional resilience, and mental clarity. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Water Up Fire Down?

Have you heard people say, “He’s a real hot-head,” or “She’s keeping a cool head”? Or, “That guy’s got a fire in his belly”? These linguistic clues point to a common understanding of healthy and unhealthy energetic conditions. The ‘temperature’ of our energy matters!

In Body & Brain, the principle that explains these phenomena is called Water Up Fire Down. To put it simply: the healthiest energetic condition is when your head is cool, and your gut is warm. Everything we practice at Body & Brain is rooted in this principle, and it is no less relevant today than it was thousands of years ago.

In the Water Up Fire Down workshop, you’ll learn more about how this principle can help you and how to apply it in daily life. An expert trainer will explain how to check your own Water Up Fire Down balance and how to correct it with simple exercises. After this workshop, you’ll understand how to upgrade your energy condition naturally for enhanced health, happiness, and peace of mind.

What Will I Experience?

The workshop will include an introductory lecture to help you understand the principle, along with an interactive demonstration of how to check if you’re in a Water Up Fire Down state. Then you’ll get to try exercises specifically designed to stimulate energy circulation, along with breathwork and meditation. These techniques will help you to balance your primary energy centers, or dahnjons, in the lower abdomen (lower dahnjon), chest (middle dahnjon), and head (upper dahnjon).

This workshop is based on the book Water Up Fire Down by Body & Brain founder and New York Times best-selling author Ilchi Lee. We highly recommend this book as essential reading before the workshop. You can find the book at Amazon.

How Will I Benefit?

From the Water Up Fire Down workshop, you can:

• Increase awareness of your self-healing power and your own energy.
• Understand how stress and emotions can disturb your healthy energy balance, and how to recover.
• Deeply experience the connection between your body and mind.
• Gain basic tools for recovering optimal energy balance and circulation in all three energy centers (dahnjons).
• Feel healthier, calmer, and more in charge of your overall condition.

Develop the Foundation for Good Health

Ready to get started? Contact your nearest Body & Brain Center for more details and to enroll. Sign up today and learn how to create a healthier and more resilient you!

Written by Susan Henry
Susan Henry is a certified health coach, yoga and tai chi-qigong instructor who leads a team of Body & Brain Foundation volunteers in San Diego County. A former federal chief information officer, she decided to re-focus on integrative health practices as a way of paying forward the benefits she had received through Body & Brain training.