Emotional Self-Mastery with Danielle Gaudette

May 15, 2019
Emotional SelfMastery with Danielle Gaudette


When you have a consistent yoga, meditation, or self-care practice, you'll inevitably notice that a lot of what's going on in the body is related to your emotional condition. Sometimes it seems like a shift in your emotions can completely change the way your body feels. What's happening here? Are you "making it up?" How should you react?

Through Body & Brain practice, we learn that the emotions we experience are not 'us,' they are 'ours.' We are the owners of these emotions, but they are not our essential self. But they do have a lot of influence on our overall condition, especially if we're not clear how to manage them.

It turns out that emotional self-management is a lot like physical self-management. It requires attention and effort, and it really helps to have a clear set of principles to work with.

Danielle Gaudette has been studying and practicing Body & Brain and Brain Education (BE) for over 16 years, and she teaches classes and workshops on emotional self-mastery utilizing BE principles. Now you can get an introduction to emotional self-mastery through a series of videos, available here and on our Body & Brain YouTube channel.

In this first episode, Danielle introduces some of the basics of emotional self-mastery and what to expect when you dive into your own emotions.