An Incredible Place of Peace and Sincerity!

Michelle Saklad

July 12, 2016


An Incredible Place of Peace and Sincerity

During my time at Honolulu Body and Brain Center I've truly experienced unspeakable changes in my mood, appetite, body, mind and soul. I've never witnessed such a place of peace, communion, and sincerity like I have within this place. This center is honestly a true a place of healing. Not only can I concentrate and focus on tasks again, but I can actually breathe a deep breath without needing to force it, or to even think about it.

My life has 100% changed for the better, and I will forever be indebted to the instructors at Honolulu Body and Brain Center, (Notably: Master Jang, and Mizuki SBN) Thank you both for your spirit, devotion, and leadership.

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