Feeling Better Every Day

Will Houston

February 27, 2017


Feeling Better Every Day

Before coming to Body and Brain Yoga I felt utterly helpless. Every day I woke up with pain, and throughout the day this pain didn't subside. It made me miserable and took a significant toll on my mental health as well. I was constantly stressed and depressed, this coupled with my pain left me in a dark place. After many doctors and MRI's (to no avail) I discovered Body and Brain Yoga.

At first I was extremely skeptical but after just one class I started to feel a bit better. After one week my pain had noticeably decreased and after 2 months I felt like a completely different person. My pain had decreased significantly and I had learned how to control my stress which lead to a much better mental state. 4 months in I am a completely different person. My pain is infrequent and am I am happy person again. I owe it all to Body and Brain Yoga.

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