Finding The Balance

David Ingersoll

June 27, 2017


Finding The Balance

Joining Ramsey Body & Brain was a twist of fate towards wellness. Seven months ago, I stopped by the Ramsey Body & Brain Center on a whim to ask if they can help me with my physical balance issues. Dancing was out of the question since I could not stay vertical for long.

Today I can stand on one foot with the other placed on the opposite knee. And there is more: the body can heal itself. The chronic headaches I suffered most of my life are gone. Peripheral nerve damage (about 10 years ago) produced painful 'pins-and needles' sensations 24/7 on the palm of my right hand. Such a neurologic condition was detrimental to my activities and life style with no mainstream medical options.

With one-on-one healing sessions, the pain is significantly curtailed. I am much more active now and seeking a new balance in my life - body, soul and spirit. Not all was rosy in the beginning. Initially, I was resistant to any ideas not directly related to my physical issues. My favorite response was a simple "NO." Body and Brain has so much more to offer than traditional Yoga and Tai Chi. If I had the open-attitude to "just think about it" and perhaps say "YES" more frequently, I would have changed my life sooner than later.

Today I continue my Wellness Training and participate in various courses so that all of me can heal itself in an elusive sense of balance. I no longer try to "organize" my life; I now seek "balance."

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