My Experience at Body & Brain Yoga Center

Niloo Nikpour

August 7, 2017


My Experience at Body Brain Yoga Center

I have been attending Body & Brain yoga /meditation classes and workshops for the past 7 years. Originally, I thought to try a class or two for stress relief. But after a week, I was amazed by the extraordinary care the center's director (Master Kim), various yoga, tai chi, meditation, and the right-and-left-brain exercises techniques offered throughout the week. I was also blown away by the welcoming and loving environment that all members show toward each other.

After the 1st week, my husband and I registered for the whole year. We have been enjoying our yoga center so much that we have become life-time members. Throughout these years, I have become much more energetic, playful and passionate about life. I've gained a deeper respect for myself, the entire humanity and the Earth. In addition, meditation techniques have enabled me to watch many of my thoughts, emotions, and limitations as an observer ... As a result, I've learned to become more centered, focused and self expressed in my life.

I highly recommend Body & Brain Yoga classes for those of you who would like to experience the deep mind-body connection and a healthier and happier life!

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