Unlimited Opportunity to Become Stronger Physically, Emotionally and Mentally.

Delta Tanimoto

August 10, 2017


Unlimited Opportunity to Become Stronger Physically Emotionally and Mentally

I initially joined Body and Brain with the hope that I would become physically stronger and regain the balance that I had gradually lost with age. Prior to joining, I had noticed a rapid decline in my strength and mental capabilities and feared that this was 'the beginning of the end.'  

Within three months of joining, I found that, not only had I gained physical benefits, but I also became mentally stronger and my life became more balanced. Within a year, I found that I stand taller, am stronger and walk with confidence. I also found that I am calmer and my memory has improved. Physical benefits aside,

Irvine Body and Brain helped me find joy, serenity and confidence. The center itself is a refuge from daily challenges providing a joyful and stress relieving environment. Master Kim is a knowledgeable teacher, trainer and healer. For me, Irvine Body and Brain is a safe place in which there is unlimited opportunity to become stronger physically, emotionally and mentally.

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