I am a Healer

Elana Goodrige

March 28, 2019


I am a Healer

I recently started the Acupressure Energy Healing program with Master Bama. I eagerly volunteered to receive her healing and had an incredible feeling of warmth and energy from her in our class. Then yesterday I gave 5 chair massages at a corporate Heath fair nearby. I intend to become a certified NJ healer this next year! I was really happy when I was told I had very warm hands and relaxed people.

It felt so nice to give my positive warm energy to people! I will still give my photography to people but this was an additional way to give positive energy to heal more people. In this current climate with so much hate, anger and negativity, I really needed to find a meaningful bigger way to help! I do love hugging people! Thanks for seeing the healer in me and giving me the opportunity to heal others as well!

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