I Love Who I Have Become

Prior to starting Body and Brain, I exercised on a regular basis. I felt good but wanted to feel great. I started ...   View More

March 27
Rick Wedgeworth

Body and Brain Yoga

I used to work out tirelessly with very little results before I joined Body and Brain Yoga three months ago.

...   View More
August 11
Ann Smith

Body & Brain Yoga and Belly Button Healing

For the last 10 years and up until 3 months ago, due to a degenerative spine condition, I was not able to do any t...   View More

August 8
Brenda Miller

I would recommend Body and Brain to everyone!

I have had a lot of benefit from Master Terri and Master Jang’s teachings. There is something for every startin...   View More
December 10
Gordon Yonel

Having this yoga online and in-person is great.

Body & Brain Yoga is very unique. For me, it's all about opening up our energy channels so that our physical, emo...   View More
September 9
Mary Ellen

Most effective stress reduction technique I have encountered!

My lifetime fitness journey now includes Body & Brain Yoga-Libertyville! Adding the body and brain yoga philosop...   View More
July 18
Barb Krieger

Always welcome and motivated to come back

If you are looking for a holistic training that includes both care of your body and mind, CGI Body & Brain is the...   View More
July 10
Lourdes Rodriguez

Gained flexibility and strength

I love taking classes and workshops at CGI. The facility is very clean and refreshing. The staff are very friendly an...   View More
July 10
Karen Prescott

Positive changes in body and mnind

CGI Body & Brain is a wonderful place. My experience has been very positive. In a month that I have been practici...   View More
July 1
Sully Gonzalez
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