Body & Brain Yoga and Belly Button Healing

Brenda Miller

August 8, 2016


Body Brain Yoga and Belly Button Healing

For the last 10 years and up until 3 months ago, due to a degenerative spine condition, I was not able to do any type of exercise except minimal walking on the treadmill. The context of my life had become smaller and smaller. I moved to Tacoma and was familiarizing myself with a new shopping center, when I passed a sign that invited me to have my energy levels/field tested. I made an appointment to meet with Master Sky ( manager and facilitator at the Tacoma Center). After spending one hour with her, and not even trying out the program, I enrolled for 6 months of unlimited classes at the center. I have never enjoyed the process of bringing health and new energy to my body in the form of exercise before now.

The classes are varied and interesting. I can move my body in ways I have not in many years. In every class I am reminded and encouraged to connect my mind and body. I aim to open my chakras and be more in touch with myself and all others. As a result I am feeling lighter, brighter, and more hopeful about the future in terms of healing my body by changing the way I think and feel and be in the world.

A few weeks ago I purchased and began using the Belly Button wand. This tool and the technique involved in belly-button healing is another promising step for me toward regaining perfect health.

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