I Love Who I Have Become

Rick Wedgeworth

March 27, 2017


I Love Who I Have Become

Prior to starting Body and Brain, I exercised on a regular basis. I felt good but wanted to feel great. I started to Body and Brain about 8 months ago. I was looking for something to do after I got home from work other than the gym. I tried martial arts and at my age (56), being thrown to the ground, and manipulation of my joints was not my idea of a fun after work activity. I continued to look around and then found Body and Brain in University Place. What an amazing place to learn about who you are. Master Sun directs us through a series of movements, stretching, and meditation, that in the end make you feel light and refreshed.

The most recent experience was great. While meditating in class, I had a moment in which I realized how much I loved who I have become, confident, loving, and peaceful. While at "Finding True Self " I was able to reconcile some of life past experiences. I continue to grow and have new experiences.

Thank you Master Son and Barbra for you teaching.

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