Quality of Life Has Improved Dramatically.


November 4, 2014


Quality of Life Has Improved Dramatically

I came to Body & Brain almost a year ago, because I am a big fan of authors like Deepak Choopra and Wayne Dyer. Reading their books changed my perspective on life, but that was all on the level of thought and information. So I felt there was something missing, something more I needed to do to really improve my quality of life.

Body & Brain Yoga has taught me how to feel my body through mindful stretching, moving meditations and focused breathing. I come away feeling more connected to myself, more present and more connected to all things. I am happier, more resilient, and more peaceful than ever before and my overall quality of life has improved dramatically.

I can definitely say you will experience a better state of mind after practicing here no matter what your background culture or religion.

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